EMDR Testimonials

Helping someone caught in a terrorist attack: “I was in the Paris attacks in November and came home thinking I was completely crazy. I used to find it difficult to sleep because I thought I would never wake up and I used to be terrified when someone slammed a car door shut because I thought it was a bomb.

After spending a few months feeling drained and confused I decided to see a doctor and found out I had PTSD. They suggested I tried EDMR, I wasn’t really sure how it worked but I wanted to try anything. It was incredibly effective for me and it didn’t ever make me feel worse, it was a relief to be able to tell someone in detail what happened. I just had to go over what happened from beginning to end, with a beeping sound in my ears and buzzing remotes in my hands. I can’t explain it, but somehow that night (the attacks) became less scary and less real, until eventually it became something that just happened a long time a go.  I could go to sleep and not be scared of being shot. I went to visit my old neighbour and my flat, and it felt like somewhere I used to live, but  with no negative feelings attached to it.”

“EMDR has helped me tremendously in healing trauma and changing how my brain responds to trauma. It has helped me see how something terrible has a lesson, a gift hidden beneath it.”

“I found EMDR an extraordinary experience.  It felt like the work we did really integrated previously fractured parts of myself,  which felt incredibly healing.   EMDR felt like a powerful therapeutic tool in Annabel’s hands.”

“EMDR helped me to safely access memories that been frozen for years. By retrieving and reinterpreting these memories, I was able to process and heal some pretty deep psychic wounds. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it has been life-changing.”