Integrative Psychotherapy

Great life changes frequently unfold through the power of the therapeutic relationship. It is about you as an individual being seen, as you truly are, for the first time. This is why I offer the first session for free to explore if we can work well together.

I work in an integrative way, using a variety of techniques that begin with being fully present in the moment – tapping into feelings that we can spend our lives trying to avoid.

Some of the changes come from understanding early life traumas; how our psyche is shaped through toxic shame and early abandonment.


Testimonial from a father, husband, businessman

“Dear Annabel – little did I realise, two years ago, when I picked your details from the web page, where this journey was going to take me. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have opened so many doors for me; you have “seen” me; you have, at times, given me an intense feeling of connection; you have held up a mirror to me and enabled me to see the good things that others see in me and you have been a friend.

You have taken me to a new place, somewhere from where I can take some more steps along the journey I’ve begun. No doubt it will end on the top of a metaphorical mountain! Lots of love to you in you life ahead and THANK YOU”.

But talking therapies don’t always reach trauma: those deeply painful experiences that can remain locked away inside, as if trapped in their own separate envelope of pain – seemingly separate from other positive life experiences. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) is a scientifically proven technique to reach such deep-seated trauma – see separate page for a fuller explanation.

Other changes come from challenging thought patterns that make us depressed and anxious.

It may mean delving into obsessions and addictions that have remained hidden for years, like drinking, drugs, food or a dependency on a person or a behaviour like overworking.

I work creatively and spiritually to support each person’s journey, sometimes by exploring dreams, art work, music, visualisations and body work.

But no one person is an island – often difficulties arise from the dynamics of different relationships whether it be with a partner, a parent, a child or a work colleague. Change may come from looking at your relationships and perhaps working towards bringing them along to sessions – see separate page for a fuller explanation.

My costs depend on the time of day and frequency of sessions and what type of therapy you require. I see a small number of clients for a reduced fee and currently have a waiting list for such places. As a recognised BUPA practitioner my fees are paid by the private health company if you obtain a GP referral.