As an Accredited EMDR Consultant in the UK and Australia I’m qualified to offer supervision to EMDR therapists in both countries and any hours with me will count towards your future accreditation.

I currently lead in-house supervision groups in various counselling organisations including at the University here in Oxford.

I also offer an online Attachment Focused EMDR supervision group on a Friday afternoon once a month. Do email me if you want to be part of this group.

I’m part of the Integrative Attachment-Informed EMDR training team EMDR Focus led by Mark Brayne. And for Australian EMDRers EMDR Focus is offering Unleash Your EMDR as an online training of beginning Friday July 31st through to Sunday August 2nd from 2.30pm – 7pm daily. We were due to run in-person training courses in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth but these had to be cancelled due to Covid-19. We’re currently running at least one Unleash Your EMDR in-vivo training in Sydney starting Friday July 30th to Saturday 31st, 2021 at the Harbour View Hotel where I will be the main presenter.

I also offer my services to the global EMDR community as a volunteer Director of the EMDR Association Australia. This means I attend regular board meetings to decide the future policy and direction of EMDR in Australia. I was recently appointed as editor of the EMDRAA Newsletter, alas that publication is only available to members.