As an Accredited EMDR Consultant in the UK and Australia I’m qualified to offer supervision to EMDR therapists in both countries and any hours with me will count towards your future accreditation.

I currently lead in-house supervision groups in various counselling organisations including at the University here in Oxford.

I also offer an online Attachment Focused EMDR supervision group on a Friday afternoon once a month. Do email me if you want to be part of this group.

I’m part of the Attachment-Focused EMDR training team EMDR Focus led by Mark Brayne. And for Australian EMDRers EMDR Focus is putting on a Down Under Tour in July and August 2020.

I also offer my services to the global EMDR community as a volunteer Director of the EMDR Association Australia. This means I attend regular board meetings to decide the future policy and direction of EMDR in Australia.