EMDR Testimonials

EMDR as a life-changing therapy

One client made a huge shift in facing her fears of moving house, which became quite easy after EMDR: “I am totally gobsmacked at how I have taken it in my stride, so vastly different to every other move before. I feel completely at home, not lonely, not discombobulated, or any other tedious negative emotion ! ……………. your magic has transformed my feelings and response so much.”

Another found a positive shift in direction: “After working with Annabel for over a year, I can safely say our work together has completely changed my life. There was a point during therapy when it seemed progress wasn’t going to happen and then suddenly there was the hugest shift. A dark cloud that was looming over me was lifted and I now feel aligned with my true self. The positive changes to my life have not gone away.

The world has now become a much easier place to navigate. Annabel is unwaveringly kind, supportive and insightful. From the first session, I felt I had practical tools I could use right away to try to improve my well-being. I am more confident, calm, and happier.

As access to Annabel is possible due to online sessions, I have been recommending her to anyone looking for an amazing therapist. Evidence-based tools along with the impact of Annabel’s kindness and compassion and unending wisdom and insight are truly life-changing.”

EMDR for PTSD after a sexual assault

“When I first consulted Annabel (for help dealing with PTSD after being sexually assaulted) I wasn’t sure if EMDR would help with the constant confusion, isolation, and anxiety I was feeling. I was also worried because, prior to the sessions, it was very difficult to talk about the event. But as soon as Annabel put the beeps on I felt grounded and calm and was able to talk her through all of it without being overwhelmed by memories. After nearly a year of working with her, I am amazed at the inner transformation. Annabel was incredibly perceptive and knowledgeable about what I was experiencing and helped to show me what other past experiences I was holding onto that contributed to my trauma around the assault. She remained totally unfazed by everything I told her, and I felt she really took my personal history into account into a very holistic way that has allowed me to understand and move past not just the assault but many other difficulties. I really liked working with Annabel and EMDR because it felt like a very straightforward and natural process that just guided my mind in its own healing. After every session, I felt I had learnt so much more than if I had just had a talk therapy session. It’s been genuinely life-changing for me and I feel incredibly lucky to have found Annabel and EMDR.”

EMDR for Complex PTSD

“I’ve been working with Annabel using EMDR on and off for over eight years now. She has been so patient and supportive and it has been an incredibly healing experience for me. In the last two sessions I had the hugest shift, so much so I feel the freest to be me that I’ve ever felt. All the anxiety and confusion has melted away. I feel like my true self that has been fighting to come through for years, can finally shine with confidence. My relationships are transforming all over the place. It has been profound. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for holding the space with no judgement for so long. I never would have thought these feelings I feel now, could be possible for me. Now I can say, they are possible. I’m shocked by it but so happy about it. It still amazes me that feelings from so long ago that weren’t acknowledged or processed can become trapped and that we make up stories about ourselves as a result that have such a hold over our lives. I will be forever grateful.”

EMDR clears trauma for someone caught in the 2015 Paris terrorist attack 

“I was in the Paris attacks in November and came home thinking I was completely crazy. I used to find it difficult to sleep because I thought I would never wake up and I used to be terrified when
someone slammed a car door shut because I thought it was a bomb.images

After spending a few months feeling drained and confused I decided to see a doctor and found out I had PTSD. They suggested I tried EMDR, I wasn’t really sure how it worked but I wanted to try anything. It was incredibly effective for me and it didn’t ever make me feel worse, it was a relief to be able to tell someone in detail what happened. I just had to go over what happened from beginning to end, with a beeping sound in my ears and buzzing remotes in my hands. I can’t explain it, but somehow that night (the attacks) became less scary and less real, until eventually it became something that just happened a long time ago.  I could go to sleep and not be scared of being shot. I went to visit my old neighbour and my flat, and it felt like somewhere I used to live, but  with no negative feelings attached to it.” 

EMDR offers hope for addiction

“Having been a problem drinker since the age of about 15, I have had a few sessions with Annabel working on removing the “buzz” which I am chasing after that first drink. Within a week myself, my friends and family have seen a HUGE difference in the way I drink. I am quite happy to have a couple of drinks now and can stop myself, whereas before I would have carried on until I was in a complete state, drinking anything and everything. I now have no urge to drink wine or Prosecco which were always my main drinks, I can honestly say I feel completely repulsed by the thought of them and the taste is rank!! I used to fantasize about my first drink of wine or Prosecco and if I ever walked past the booze isle at the shop I would grab a bottle, but now I don’t even notice the booze!! Another huge difference is when I have to order a drink when I am out I have no idea what to order as I no longer have that craving. It is very weird… I HIGHLY recommend Annabel and this treatment to anyone who is addicted to anything. It just works and Annabel is by far the best counsellor I have been to!!”

EMDR cleared chronic fatigue for two people

“I can safely say that my last 3 months of working with Annabel and EMDR has been one of the most profound healing experiences in my life so far.

I  went to her while in recovery from nearly 2 years of ME/CFS. This isn’t only therapy that made a big difference, but over this period I have gone from being significantly less mobile (getting to sessions wasn’t always easy) to walking as far as 8K the other weekend. The emotional changes feel even more important than the physical. I can see now that I lived most of my life with level of high functioning depression. Those feelings, mainly a kind of locked, unexplainable but unstoppable sadness, have gone.

I think one of the reasons why I found EMDR so helpful is that it has allowed me to process trauma and my emotions far more effectively and sometimes at a deeper level than my conscious mind may have even been aware of. Sometimes you don’t fully get to appreciate the weight of what you have been carrying until it’s gone. I feel so much lighter, clearer and happier as a result.”

“When EMDR was first described to me I thought it sounded really weird and there was a bit of me reluctant to try it but I’m SO glad I did. I think each person has to experience it for themselves but if you can connect with it – and for a visual person like me it felt really effortless – you can reach levels otherwise undiscovered. I came out of each session buzzing with a sense of clarity and understanding that I’ve not experienced before. I felt connected to a deeper level and a deeper and closer understanding of myself. One month on from my final session with Annabel, and I still feel the benefits of EMDR and feel myself to be more confident, energized and focused. 

My sleep has finally returned and I feel like a new person!”

EMDR helped many people move on from past trauma

EMDR helped me to safely access memories that had been frozen for years. By retrieving and reinterpreting these memories, I was able to process and heal some pretty deep psychic wounds. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it has been life-changing.”

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for your help over these past weeks. I’ve experienced profound and positive changes in my way of thinking….and feel so much more resilient and clear, in tackling the present and facing the future, in a strong and healthy way. I’ve appreciated your kindness, professionalism and direct approach…..not to mention  great sense of humour :)”

 “img_1855Doing EMDR with Annabel has been a turning point in my life. I came in with huge amounts of anxiety and serious bouts of depression and I can say now that these seem things from the past. Her caring attitude as well as her compassion towards sensitive and private matters helped guide me through processing many disturbing memories. Using EMDR, with its flashing lights and buzzers those memories no longer bother me. The path to freedom is not easy but with Annabel it will be definitely more enjoyable.”

I found EMDR an extraordinary experience.  It felt like the work we did really integrated previously fractured parts of myself,  which felt incredibly healing.   EMDR felt like a powerful therapeutic tool in Annabel’s hands.

My EMDR sessions with Annabel have not only been deeply healing and permanently transformative, they have inspired in me a zest for life like nothing I could have imagined.

EMDR is a therapy that uses a surprisingly simple yet powerful technique. The bilateral stimulation is given in the form of auditory, tactile or visual cues and facilitate’s the body’s natural healing of both physical and emotional problems.
For me EMDR was like a magic key for my body that allowed it to unlock and let go of old feelings I was still experiencing in the present. My thoughts and feelings changed for the better and finally I felt empowered by and at peace with my emotions. I experienced a sense of relief, truth and resolution after every session.
I passionately believe that EMDR holds the power to treat mental and physical health problems much more effectively, safely and sustainably than we presently do.

EMDR has helped me tremendously in healing trauma and changing how my brain responds to trauma. It has helped me see how something terrible has a lesson, a gift hidden beneath it.”

Also I just wanted to say Thank you. I’ve done things and achieved things I never thought I was capable of. I can really feel the benefits of it and want to continue to process the rest!

“I’m really grateful to you for your clear minded and when needed firm untangling the emotional component  from the(well defended!) intellectualisation that I engage in…These sessions have been quite powerful.  I fell so lucky to have found you.  Thank you so much.”

EMDR for pain

I consulted Annabel at a very critical period in my life during which I was dealing with chronic pain (daily headaches) and anxiety. She provided me with an incredible source of professional, compassionate listening and a trustworthy space for release. With the help of the EMDR technique, she helped me tap into many deep emotions and memories, allowing to start the much-needed process of self-acceptance. Thank you Annabel, I am truly grateful.

EMDR resolves a flying phobia

Thank you for helping me conquer my fear of flying (I actually laughed out loud on a plane!), become a better parent and for helping me move forward rather than being stuck in the past. Every time I left your house I felt lighter and I am not missing my imaginary backpack.”