EMDR: Scientifically proven

Due to the Covid-19 Government restrictions all of my EMDR appointments are currently online.

(Amid continuing uncertainty and changes of regulations associated with the ongoing coronavirus crisis, I am working online. I will consider resuming in-person work, at my discretion on an individual case by case basis.)

Having used Zoom successfully since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 I am highly experienced in this method of online therapy providing Bilateral Base to clients as a professional tool for EMDR. For more about EMDR online visit the EMDR Associations in the UK and Australia.

With so much psychotherapy to choose from, how do you know what really works? EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) is a rapidly effective form of psychotherapy (read more about how it works) and was recently used by Prince Harry.

Having been a clinician for 20 years, I’ve witnessed at first hand the transformative power of EMDR to relieve distressing symptoms including anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, addictions, obsessions, relationship problems and even physical ailments such as chronic fatigue.

Many of my clients have had lots of talking therapy that helped them understand the problem, but were unable to change their reactions to life’s challenges and so were fundamentally unable to fix the problem. EMDR is a psychological ‘power tool’ to achieve real change in a way that other therapies often don’t.

EMDR has been scientifically proven to be profoundly positive for trauma victims in more than 20 randomised trials. So I’ve also worked successfully with many people who have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following a road accident; terrorist incident; caught in a war zone or have survived a sexual assault.

I’m an EMDR Consultant, meaning I supervise other EMDR therapists as my skills have been tested and approved as an Accredited EMDR Consultant in both the UK and Australia. I run my own training company EMDR Insight: New horizons in EMDR therapy harnessing the insights of parts & ego states by using an IFS-inspired approach to trauma healing.

My next course is LIVE in Sydney in July, for those who want to talk to real people with real coffee. Unleash your EMDR Part 1 is at the View Hotel, Fri-Sat July 15-16, 2022: 0900-1700. Cost $770. To register & pay click here.

My next online IFS Informed EMDR course runs Fri-Sat-Sun: Aug 12-14, 2022. 1700-2130 Sydney time. 0800-1230 UK time. You’ll learn the basic skills of blending the Attachment Informed approach to EMDR with the Internal Family System model (IFS). This course is run by EMDR Insight. For more and to book go here.

I’m also running a longer 13-week IFS Informed EMDR course, meeting three hours a week beginning September 9th. There is currently one place left, for more go here.

I’m also running a course in AI-EMDR with Addiction and dysfunctional behaviours
April 21-23, 2023: 1700-2100 AEST/ 0800-1230 UK. Learn the basic skills of blending the Attachment Informed approach with rewiring the addicted brain by desensitising the reward pathways using EMDR. This course is also aimed at therapists working with love addiction, internet addiction, OCD, phobias, and all forms of maladaptive behaviours, where there is repeated use despite negative consequences. To book go here.

I’m also part of the Integrative Attachment-Informed EMDR training team EMDR Focus led by Mark Brayne.

Until recently I was editor of the EMDR Association of Australia Newsletter. My services are listed by BUPA in the UK. Read how others have experienced this therapy with me at EMDR testimonials.

Running my own private practice as a therapist and supervisor, my background is in addiction recovery after spending several years working as a family therapist in the top treatment centre in Australia, South Pacific Private. I currently see all clients online. Many of my clients are scattered around the globe, as I have built up a long and substantial track record of administering EMDR and psychotherapy online via Zoom and Bilateral Base (an online EMDR platform), for clients who would rather take part from the comfort of home. Read my family therapy testimonials.

I offer pricing structures depending on the nature and duration of planned treatment. Please email for details.

Location 1: Oxford, OX2 (close to city rail station with free parking outside).

For UK appointments please email or call Mobile 07462 674351  or Office: 01865 421311

Location 2: Sydney, Australia, NSW 2006 (email for dates) call +61 (0)435 525 781.