Family & Couples EMDR

dscn0174As an experienced couple’s and family therapist I’m highly skilled at teaching and coaching healthy communication that have brought immense relief to destructive and chaotic family relationships (read testimonials from my work as a family therapist in a hospital).

Many relational reactions are simply one person triggering old trauma in another. But, as this happens instantaneously and unconsciously, individuals often find themselves shouting or shutting down with a loved one before either one knows what’s just happened. EMDR can also be particularly helpful in clearing the underlying traumas that get unconsciously triggered in this way between couples and family members.

You may have experienced such situations where there are walls of defence and resentment that block relationships so that family dynamics feel more like the chimney is blocked or even resemble a broken sewage system!

I’ve witnessed many times such distressing dynamics being fixed, with lots of courage, honesty, healthy communication and where necessary the use of EMDR as the psychological ‘power tool’ with all parties involved.