Testimonials for family therapy

Couples therapy (wife)  “Dear Annabel – from the bottom of my heart a very big thank you for helping X and I achieve our own special miracle. I will be forever grateful and not forget your professional, caring approach towards us all. Much love.”

500 Family therapy (mother) “Dear Annabel – the family week I attended under your guidance was a most remarkable journey. The way you focused the group and displayed such openness, empathy and patience was extraordinary. You offered us a life changing experience and delivered it with a sense of exploration and a dash of adventure.”

Family therapy (daughter)  “Dear Annabel – thank you for all your advice and support during this difficult ordeal with my mum. I will go forward and support myself from now on. Thanks heaps.

Family therapy (wife)  “Dear Annabel – thank you so much for your kind and patient support. Pearls of wisdom & insight I know it’s still early days for me, but you’ve set me forward light years (in a non-quick fix way!).”

Individual therapy (mother, wife, counsellor)  “Dear Annabel  – thank you so much for the year that’s been. You are a brilliant counsellor and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you and see you at work. Your care and attentiveness has helped me move forward enormously in this last 12 months and at almost 50, I now feel like a grown up.”

Family therapy (son)  “Dear Annabel – I admire your professional skills, your spirituality and compassion. It is an amazing experience to watch you guide others and be guided by you. I am so glad you were our therapist.”

Family therapy (husband)  “Dear Annabel – thank you so much for your extraordinary efforts in your work … We have all learned so much. Most particularly – I feel that each of us has the tools to manage whatever comes from here. This came as much from your sensitivity to our individual needs as from the model used.”

Family therapy (son) “Dear Annabel – I have got so much out of this week. I am excited about continuing this form of healthy communication with my Dad. These emotions and the connection has been so honest. I feel great. Thank you so much.” 

Family therapy (mother) “Dear Annabel – thank you so very much for helping me to get in touch with my feelings so much more and being able to express them more. I learnt more about connectedness and have learnt to “trust the process”.

Family therapy (sister) “Dear Annabel – thank you so much for all the support and compassion you showed us during family week. You have been wonderful the past week and you have given me and my family a priceless gift.”

Family therapy (wife) “Dear Annabel – thanks for helping us explore our inner-child while finding our functional adult during a difficult time.

Family therapy (mother) “Dear Annabel – thank you for taking me into your group this week. It has been a pleasure watching such a skilled practitioner in action”.

Family therapy (mother) “Dear Annabel  – I want to thank you for your skill as a therapist and your willingness to be so present with us all at family week. You have a wonderful ability to hold up to the person what they are doing and how they are being without causing injury so that awareness can come. It was a very healing week for me and I have a deep appreciation for my time at the clinic.”

Family therapy (daughter) “Words aren’t really adequate for the amazing result. Was very unexpected. I am in awe. Sometimes when we least expect it, we get beautiful surprises. 

Thank you so much for your preparation and patience and for guiding us so elegantly through a challenging process. And for your wisdom. 

It is a wonderful start for reconciliation with my parents, and we have agreed to meet for lunch or dinner somewhere soon.”

Family therapy (wife) “Dear Annabel and all the team who works with you who bring light, love and hope to the amazing clients who have begun their own journey in life with the gifts and skills you are all able to share with them on their road to recovery. 

For this I give thanks. I also give thanks for the concept of family week too, not just because you get to be near and see your loved ones but for the experience – confronting experience – of sharing with other parents. 

I have found the process has flowed to very much ‘trust the process’ and what a journey that has been for me. So much pain but welcome pain and I have learnt a lot about myself through the teachings and listening to other people’s experiences and wisdom – thank you …so much for your support and also for the safeness I felt in the whole process.”